Rio Medical Mission Day 2 & 3

Rio Update- Day 2 & 3

Brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your continued prayer! Sunday we spent our first full day in Rio alongside the church in Costa Barros, worshipping and praying with our brothers and sisters who are faithfully serving their community. It is such an encouragement to our team to see our family in Brazil serve and welcome us into their home, showing Christ to all who enter their church by teaching God's Word and loving one another (1 John 4:7-11). 


Monday has been a joyful first day of clinic as we set-up in Costa Barros, serving 76 people in general medicine, 49 people in pediatrics, prescribing 406 basic medicines, and providing eye and dental care to over 100 people. 

But more than the physical needs that are being met, we rejoice that the Lord has graciously used us to speak by his Word to all who have entered the doors of the clinic, and we rejoice that 11 people have decided to follow Jesus for the first time. Following Jesus in Costa Barros is not easy, and costs these people many things in this life, but we rejoice that these people have turned from their sin, and their eyes have been opened to see that knowing Jesus is far better than anything this world may offer! (1 John 2:15-17, Psalm 16:11)



Ways to be praying today:

-Thanking God that he continues to call people to himself for his namesake 

-For those that decided to follow Jesus for the first time today (our new brothers and sisters!), that Pastor Douglas and his church will be able to disciple them so that they will fully understand their new identity in Christ, and that they may grow in their understanding of God's Word

-For our faithful brothers and sisters who serve as translators, who have traveled far distances to be with our team this week, and have sacrificed time away from work and their families, that they will encouraged, strengthened, and given rest from our Father. 

-For all those who have heard the good news of Jesus today and who will hear his week, that their eyes would be opened and their hearts will be softened by God's grace and mercy, so that they may know and follow Jesus, turning away from their sin, and trusting in what has been done for them on the Cross.


In Christ,

Your brothers and sisters in Rio

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