Guatemala Missions - Manos De Compasion Day 2

Puppies make everything more fun!    Loving on new friends
Skit time: The story of Ruth- loyalty   Cooking up a delicious dinner for 35 people.
Snack time   Meal time for the littles  
Teenage mom and baby who came to Discovery Club                                                                                                                                                                      

Guatemala Missions - Manos De Compasion

Pictured from left to right:

Angie Sanders, Casey Sanders Sandkuhl, Debbie McDaniel (Angie Sanders Sister), Angie Smith and Robin Hamm

We arrived safely in Santiago Atitlan last night around 7:30.

We drove through Antigua on our way to the mission. Had some time to walk the main streets and have early dinner with the teenage boys from the boys home. Casey, Simeon and I have known and followed the progress of these sweet group of boys since September of 2014.

The young man who runs the boys home is Micah Leir.

Angie Sanders

Sunday afternoon Discovery Club

Bible School fun at Manos De Compasion

11th Anniversary of the local church. Beautiful version of song Ten Thousand Reasons.

Worshiping at the Church Of Galilea Sunday night.

Teen girls from one of the homes singing at the baptism service at Manos De Compasion.

Small group time.  God The Creator and God gives the Ten Commandments.

Baptism at Manos De Compasion

3 children baptized Sunday afternoon