Youth South Africa - 2019 - Day 2

Below are pictures of: Carley, everyone on Table Mountain, Claire striking a pose on Table Mountain, and a view of our team watching the sunset on signal hill. 

Day 2 Blog from Carley: 

We started off day two with a great breakfast and did a quick devotion. We then headed to the ATM to exchange money for Rand and to local Pick and Play to shop around. I totally would recommend the Fizzers. Our bus driver Frans then drove us over to the Old Biscuit Mill, which is basically filled with any type of food you could possibly want and a bunch of different shops. We then went to the very top of Table Mountain and saw the most beautiful view. Nancy had multiple heart attacks as we all ventured towards the edges of the cliffs to take pictures (we took over 400 pictures today). We drove to Signal Hill to watch the sunset before dinner. We also watched some people go paragliding. We thought it might be fun, until we heard "abort!" being yelled to a fellow paraglider halfway down the hill. After the beautiful sunset, we tried to make it out of the Signal Hill parking lot but there was horrible traffic and we learned that Claire is actually 1/16 Creek.  However, we finally made it to dinner where we had a fourteen course African meal. Some of the courses included a seaweed soup and beef curry but I think everyone’s real favorite was the cheese bread. We finished the dinner by having our faces painting and being serenaded by some of the staff at the African Café. We have had such a great week so far and we are all so excited to get to know each other and the Lord better! 


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Youth South Africa - 2019

Below Brock’s Blog are photos of the students on the beach/rocks next to the Team House from early today!

From Brock: 

These past two days have been filled with many tiring hours of traveling for the BBC youth. We arrived in Detroit shortly after our departure from Birmingham and then embarked on a lengthy flight to Amsterdam where we discovered the world’s best airport croissants. After a short turnaround, we were back on a plane bound for South Africa. After 11 long hours, we finally touched down in the beautiful city of Cape Town. We were quickly met by our awesome driver, Frans, and taken to the team house to catch up on some much needed rest. Today we got to visit the site we will be serving beginning next week. We were able to walk around the area, make crafts for the upcoming week, and get to know our leaders from Living Hope. It was truly amazing to see the joy and love of Jesus displayed through these children who had nothing and were victims of poverty. We then ate lunch and visited the Living Hope headquarters to learn more about the ways God uses the organization the bless the city of Cape Town. We wrapped up our day by spending time on the beach and taking in the breathtaking views hand-painted by the Creator. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of our time here in Cape Town!



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