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Youth South Africa - 2019 - Day 3,4, & 5


Today, June 16th, we started with delicious croissants and coffee. Then, we headed to church at King of Kings for a very exciting service filled with dancing, singing, and a great message. There we also celebrated the wonderful fathers (including two of our own, Frans and Jody Martin) whom we are so grateful for!  After that, we ate a wonderful lunch at Imhoff Blue Water Café.  Many of us got delicious pizzas and burgers.  After lunch, we then had a beautiful drive to Cape Point.  We saw baboons, ostriches, and elands, but sadly no rhinos. We then arrived at Cape point.  It was quite the hike up to the top, but the very tall cliffs and bright blue ocean made for a breath taking view.  There was a time when I was looking over the ledge and when I turned around, I could not find my phone.  Claire and many others told me they watched it slide over the ledge and down the mountain into the ocean.  You can imagine my reaction.  Little did I know, it was in Edward’s pocket…thanks guys (sorry for the scare mom). We then hiked back down to meet Frans (our bus driver).  After leaving Cape Point, we made a very quick stop to Cape of Good Hope. This area is the most south western point in Africa.  We got a quick pic in front of the sign and then headed back to the Team House.  Before dinner, we walked out to the rocks on the beach to see the sunset.  For dinner we had grilled chicken, rice, and salad.  We had a wonderful day seeing God’s beautiful creation and we are looking forward to the rest of the week!

- Francis




We began our day, June 17th, with a scrumptious breakfast consisting of crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. Next, we loaded up into the van and headed north for Capricorn. We arrived at the Living Hope office approximately five after 8:00. The group spent a few minutes watching the sunrise before entering the office to go over the schedule for the day. The children began arriving around 8:15 and continued to flow in up until we shut the gate at 9:30. Meanwhile, members of our team played a number of games with the kids including an intense soccer match involving around 15 people. At 9:00 everyone went inside to begin our first day of Holiday Club.  Our MC (director of activities) of the day was Stephen, a local who has been involved with Living Hope for 3 years. Stephen lead us in a successful worship service followed by a story and the infamous BBC skit “Rocky Road”. Afterwards we split into three groups and began rotations. Rotations consist of crafts, new song, and memory verse. Our bible verse of the day was Psalm 103:11. The kids used song and hand motions to remember the words to the verse. After rotations concluded everyone returned to the main building so we could wrap up Holiday Club and gave out some special prizes. At 12:00 the kids left after receiving a free lunch. The group took a break and enjoyed chicken sandwiches made by the team house chef, Arippa. At 2:00 teen club began. After some members of the youth were embarrassed in soccer by some of the local teens, Stephen delivered a short message on the anointment of David by Samuel. Afterwards we played a few games with the teens then they headed home. The group debriefed with members of the Living Hope team then we loaded up the van and headed back to the team house. At 6:00 the group sat down for an outstanding pasta dish followed by a cobbler desert. We had a great first day of Holiday Club and can’t wait to spend the rest of the week with all the kids and staff.

- Edward 


            Goeie More. Since we’ve had some wifi mishaps recently, I’ll be updating on the past two days. Both days we started with a wonderful breakfast and then left bright and early to head to Capricorn; once there, we debriefed with the LSEs that we met on our first day, had a student-led devotional, and prayed over our day. After that, the chaos began. Our number of children has nearly doubled each day following our first Holiday Club, meaning that today we finished out with over 250 kids. That being said, having 250 children rushing through a gate to play soccer, jump rope, dance, and ask for piggy-back rides was a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, these kids all love so well and we were thrilled to reveal more about the Lord to each and every one of them! After free play on both days we jumped into music and worship, which was later followed by new versions of our “Rocky Road” skit that Edward mentioned. Rotations were next, which again consisted of crafts, new song (which is “Look Up Child” by Lauren Daigle), and memory verse (Psalm 103:11). All of us have formed incredible bonds this past week, and have even been prayed over by many of them. On Day 5 during crafts, I had a special experience with one of the 4-6 year olds. She, after making a sweet note that she was told to give to someone impactful in her life, turned and told me that she planned on giving it to her mom. Then, completely unprompted, she asked if I missed my mom. When I told her yes, she asked if she could pray over me and my mom. Without a doubt, these kids continue to minister to us just as much if not more than we can ever hope to minister to them in this short week. At the end of rotations, we had to tell the kids goodbye for the day and begin to prepare for Teen Club. In the same way that our numbers have grown throughout the week for Holiday Club, our numbers for Teen Club have gone from 5 to over 20. We enjoyed some high-quality soccer with many of the teens as well as some extremely competitive games of Four Square over these past two days. Once we finished up in Capricorn, our team arrived back at the Team House to have our own devotional time. Then, we headed out to the beach to enjoy the unbelievable sunsets on the rocks right outside our House. Dinner both nights was delicious thanks to our new favorite, chef Arippa. Oh, and as if having all of our meals homecooked and beds made each night wasn’t enough, today was LAUNDRY DAY. Our entire team’s clothes really needed a fresh wash. We are definitely tired after Day 6, but are so very excited for all that God has done and will continue to do over these next few days in Capricorn!

- Holly