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Youth South Africa - 2019 - Day 9

*Picture of the Smiley below (viewer discretion is advised)*

We were sad that there was no Holiday Club today, but we at least got to catch up on some sleep. After a breakfast at 8:00, many of us decided to go back to bed until we had to leave for the day at 9:30. We loaded on the bus with Frans and made one of our final stops at Pick n Pay. I’m pretty sure most of us bought Fizzers, along with other treats to bring back to remember our special time here. After this, we drove to Boulder Beach to watch the hundreds of penguins located there. We then stopped at a local coffee shop to get out of the cold and rain before we embarked to Hout Bay for lunch. Here, we had some of the freshest fish and chips I’ve ever had, explored the shops near the restaurant, and saw a sea lion on the main boardwalk. From here, we headed towards the Hout Bay Market where most of us were able to pick up some souvenirs. Fortunately that was not the only stop where we could do that because we went to the Green Market right after. This marketplace was different though because we could barter here. I ended up snagging a hand-carved chess board and a few things for my parents and sister, and I know that most everyone else did the same. We then drove to Bo Kaap, which is a cool community downtown that is known for the many colorful buildings. After taking a few pictures we drove to Watershed, where we walked around and some of us listened to some live music. It was really nice to sit down and relax after a day full of walking and buying. After some time here, we went to a local mall for about 30 minutes before we drove to Marco’s for dinner. The food at Marco’s was fantastic. We ordered fried goat milk cheese balls, stuffed chicken wings, and many of us tried springbok, kudu and ostrich. Edward ventured out and ordered the smiley, the cooked sheep head. We tried sheep cheek, tongue, and Edward tried the eye of the sheep. After this, we headed back to the team house where we had a devotion, played games and went to bed for the night. We are looking forward to the safari tomorrow!