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Youth South Africa - Day 1 - 2018

Hey parents!! So we are going to blog each night, but we didn’t prep anyone to blog tonight so you’re just hearing from me! We toured Living Hope today and got settled in. We went to the community that we will be serving this week. We thought we were going to be serving in the community of Capricorn, but Living Hope found out that they got a new building in the community of Overcome (they were doing their kids club basically out of a small trailer, but just bought a new building so are FINALLY able to bring the kids INSIDE!) So we will actually be the FIRST team to break in the new building..very exciting!

Last year we worked in Capricorn, and I had met a family that was walking home from the hospital with a one day old little girl. I asked her what they were going to name her and they didn’t have a name...long story short, they named their baby Kelsey (their fifth daughter!) We stopped by their house while we were in the area, and I got to see the sweet little 1 year old Kelsey..it was so special.

We drove around a LOT today. If we saw the ocean, someone was SURE they saw a shark here or there..and driving on the wrong side of the road has definitely had a few in the group shaken up! When we got back from our day, we all went to the beach together (it is basically our backyard..all the pictures below are from the beach..STUNNING) and then we ate a GOOD meal together while we played many get-to-know-you games. We also found out that Will can smoke anyone in the staring game or no-smiling game. He was unstoppable. Austin, Lauren, Will, and Noelle all shared their testimonies..so awesome to hear from everyone. The rest of us will share tomorrow. We just finished some card games and now the boys are finishing a competitive chess game while the girls are slowly fading from jet lag.

This small group is so special. Everyone brings something different to the table. I can’t believe that it is only day one! I am so confident going into the week that our team will shine so bright. Your children have been so respectful and so fun, and I’m just sitting back smiling. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THEM!

Look forward to more blogs and more pics! WE MISS YALL

Kelsey Keim