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Youth South Africa - Day 2 - 2018

Hey all of you,

Hope you all aren’t still so depressed we are gone. We have had a windy day full of spending money (maybe too much). We have bartered with street vendors and ate some high quality food. So all in all it’s been a pretty good day. As I am writing this we are sitting on a mountain that should have a view of the ocean but all I see is white since it is foggy. We are making the best out of it by playing two truths and a lie with frans johnson he is really good at this game... and the day is still not over!

Later in the day...

We just ate the our dinner and it turns out it was a 16 course meal. Soooooo I am a tad bit full. The people sang and played music at the end of the meal and obviously I was jamming out with them.

Later in the day...

So as the day has gone on we became more tired so right now we are rapping. I don’t know how that came about I think it was from Kelsey singing so well! Then I layed down a beat about skittles in a cup and the rest is history.  I just wanted to inform you that I have had 3 coffees today. Miss you all!

Shoutout to the Thrasher’s and Georgio Norris