ECC Enrollment Information

Enrollment Requirements

Minimum age accepted is six weeks.

Children entering a three year old classroom must be fully toilet trained (no pull-ups). 

Immunization Verification

A current “Certificate of Immunization” is required of all children. You may obtain an immunization form from your pediatrician.

Registration Fee

$120/year for ALL children. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Application Fee

A nonrefundable application fee of $25 is required of persons applying for the first time. 

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Fee Schedule

Full Time Program Rates

Full-time children under 2 yrs               $925/month

Full-time children over 2 yrs                  $875/month

Full-time children - 5K program              $875/month

Morning Instruction (9am - 1pm) Rates

Morning Instruction (5 days)                 $395/month

Morning Instruction (3 days)                 $345/month

Morning Instruction (2 days)                 $305/month

Morning Instruction - 5K                        $425/month

Rates effective August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019. Rates are Subject to change.

Special Fees

Individual enrichment programs may require additional fees, i.e., field trips, Dance, Head-Over-Heels, Playball, Soccer Shots, etc.

Liberal Arts/Supply Monthly Fees

All children        $120.00/year

Required Nonrefundable Fees

New participants enrolling in the Full Day Care Program are required to pay a Student Commitment Fee of $200.

New participants enrolling in the Morning Instruction Only Program are required to a Student Commitment Fee of $100.


Parents/guardians are expected to pay for the number of days and/or service for which they have contracted, including weeks with holidays, days the child may be absent due to illness, or days the child attends only a partial week. 

Registration Forms / Parent Handbooks

Registration Form

Parent Handbook