Sunday School

How do so many people find close-knit friendships in the church?  You only need to visit our Sunday School to understand.  Each week you will find opportunities to make new friends, for in-depth Bible study with relevance to real life, and for fellowships. This group will share life with you in difficult times and in joyful times.  At Brookwood Baptist Church, you will find quality relationships that will last a lifetime.

Groups Meet at 9:15 a.m. 

Preschool Sunday School

Please enter the children's floor through the double doors facing the Brookwood Kids tower.
Sunday school classes are determined by the child's age on September 1, 2018. Please contact Sylvia Page if you have any questions about what group your child should be in.

Younger Preschoolers

Denise Sims, Director

Babies | Room A-108

Lynne Owens, Laura Baker, & Amy Ratliff

Toddlers | Room A-112

Ralph Dressler & Deb Kornegay

2s | Room A-132

Molly Blackmon, Christy Hudgens, & Paula Thornton

3s | Room A-134

Ginny Franks & Ginny Scott

Older Preschoolers/Young Children

Gloria Floyd, Director

4s | Room C-170

Jennifer Holley, Ginny Scott, Nancy & Jim Pritchard

Kindergarten | Room C-172

Paulette Arnold,  Janie Vianey

For children who are in kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year.

Children Sunday School

Minister to Children & Their Families: Judy Bryant

1st/2nd Grades| Chapel Room A-206

Renita & Doug Rigney, Allison & Stephen Stallcup, Susan & Greg Womack

3rd/4th Grades | Chapel Room A-205

Tasha & Brandon Davis, Mallory Pritchard, & Alicia Roberts 

AVE 56 - 5th/6th Grades | ATTIC

Wendy & Mark Feild,  Jaime & Chris Williams, Desiree Key, & Tami Thompson

Youth Sunday School

Youth Minister: Larry McCutcheon

All Youth meet in the SOC (Bottom Level of C Building).

7th/8th  | SOC

Amy & Steven Causey, Stephen Stallcup

9th/10th| SOC

Mindy & Wallis Haynes, Kinsey & Clayton Humphries

11th/12th Grade | SOC

Nancy & Jody Martin, Annie Hamm 

Adult Sunday School

COLLEGE CLASS (Primarily Singles, Ages 18-24) | C-278 

Mark Rector, Teacher

GAP (College Graduates & Young Professionals) | Library

Anna Harris, Teacher

ADULTS (Newly Married & Parents of Young Children) | C-270

Richard Smith, Teacher  

ADULTS (Married & Parents of Older Children) | B-19

Skip Gilbert, Teacher

ADULTS (Married Ages 45+) | Room B-11

Tim Christopher and David Lyon, Teachers

ADULTS (Married & Single, All Ages) | Fellowship Hall - Room 3

Bill Waud, Teacher

ADULTS (Married, Ages 50+) | Room C-260

Jeff Terch and Charles Vianey, Teachers

Whitman Sampler (Married, Ages 50+) | Room C-262

Rotating Teachers

ADULTS (Married & Single, Ages 65+) | Fellowship Hall - Room 1

Tim Davis & Steve Greenwalt, Teachers

The Faith Class (Women, Ages 70+) | Room C-264

Lid Arnold, Teacher

Kyle Hudgens Men’s Class (Men, Ages 70+) | Room C-261

Kyle Hudgens, Teacher