Preschool Ministry

At Brookwood, we understand that preschoolers grasp God’s truths. We want them to KNOW that Jesus loves them - to GROW to be more like Jesus - and to SHOW others the love of Jesus. Brookwood’s preschool ministry enables preschoolers to discover God’s Gospel as committed teachers use Bible lessons with innovative curriculum to convey these truths. Creative presentations of the Bible lessons utilize songs, puppets and drama. It is the preschool ministry’s desire for the preschoolers to know without a doubt that “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”.  

Preschool Sunday Mornings


For ages birth thru kindergarten (All ages are based on the age of the child on September 1, 2023)

Preschool Sunday school is 9:15 am -10:15 am | For more information contact Sylvia Page

Babies | A-108

Nursing Room | A-112

1 yr olds | A-114

2 yr olds | A-132

3 yr olds | A-134

4 yr olds | C-170

5 yr olds | C-172


Childcare during the worship service is for ages birth through one year old. (All ages are based on the age of the child on September 1, 2023.)
10:30 am - Wee Worship is for ages two years old through kindergarten during the worship service.
During Wee Worship, the Sunday school lesson is reinforced through puppets, drama, and songs.

Sylvia Page
Minister to Preschoolers & Their Families

205.967.0441 ext. 231