Youth Ministry

At Brookwood, our hope is for students to know they are loved by Jesus. There are four things we hold as our guiding principles. First, we hope to establish a firm foundation that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, we hope to provide ways students can engage in service and missions. Third, we want students to know they have a place they belong where they are surrounded by a community of people who love them. Finally, we hope to create a space where our students can simply have fun and take a breath. We gather weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays in the hopes of helping students establish a rhythm of life that allows them to encounter the God who loves them. 

Sunday Mornings

We are currently walking through the Gospel of John for the fall semester. We are talking the slow walk through the Gospel with the hopes that our students and leaders sit with the stories and words John shares. We divide into 3 classes based on grades: 7th/8th; 9th/10th; and 11th/12th. 

We meet each Sunday morning at 9:15 am in what we call the SOC (Student Outreach Center). It is in the basement of the "C" building which is located on the far left side of the building if you are facing the front door (use the bottom parking lot). 


YEARN is our weekly Sunday night Bible Study.  The heartbeat of this ministry and this time together is that Middle and High School students would continue to yearn after the Lord with everything in them, that day and night they would be seeking the Lord with all of who they are.  We hope to see kids ignite a passion in their hearts for Jesus Christ and YEARN is one of the ways we hope to see this achieved.

Youth  Weekly Activities

All Youth Small Groups meet on Wednesday evenings. 

Girls Small Group meets at various outdoor eating spots at 6pm. Contact Larry McCutcheon at  for more information.

Guys Small Group is meeting at various outdoor eating spots at 6pm. Contact Larry McCutcheon at  for more information.

If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact Larry McCutcheon.

More information is available by calling the youth office, 205-967-0441 ext. 210

If you would like to receive the weekly parent update, please contact Larry to get added.


Larry McCutcheon
Minister to Youth & Their Families 

Rosanna Tsivourakis 
Administrative Assistant 

Feel free to contact us with any questions.