Formed in Christ

We are all being formed by something. We seek to be a community formed in and by Christ through spiritual practices.

What does that look like?

Intentional Discipleship

  • We prioritize Bible-based preaching and teaching
  • We are constantly praying individually and corporately. As a part of that we will continue various intentional, focused seasons of prayer (i.e. 40 days of prayer leading up to Lent)
  • We have a year-long discipleship plan for the church. 


  • We celebrate the various ways God is present and working at Brookwood and in the world telling our story in worship, small groups, personal conversations and digitally. 
  • We celebrate personal testimonies and the many ways God’s grace appears to us along the journey.


  • We want to develop mechanisms for reflection and change.
  • We will create opportunities for laity and clergy to collaborate in a variety of ministerial contexts.