Cape Town 2024: Day 10


What a wonderful day!

Although I’ve said it everyday we have been in Cape Town, this beautiful day has been no exception. We started our day off at the safari resort by having an early breakfast then setting off on our bitter cold safari into the hills of South Africa. We first saw some hippos trudging into the water, then we drove off to see some rhinos chilling around a tree log. After that we saw some giraffes feeding, and they got pretty close to the truck. We departed from the giraffes to go and see some lions, though we could only see the lions sunbathing on a rock at a distance. To conclude our short journey, we went to see some elephants. They were very playful and extremely close to the truck. One elephant almost touched my head with its trunk and another was throwing rocks at us! Although the elephant was being playful, he almost hit Harrison’s head with a rock!

After that we returned to the lodge where we soon departed on our two hour journey back to Cape Town. Once we got back we went to the Hout Bay Market where we ate lunch and shopped. I got the best fish and chips I have ever had at a restaurant named Fish on the Rocks. I and everyone one else went shopping and most of us picked up some cool African souvenirs. After that we returned to Sacred Mountain where we all took much needed naps. Before we had dinner we went to a nearby ice cream shop, walked around and indulged in some frozen treats. We had a delicious dinner and afterward we had a very unique and special time conversing where we see God in one another.

The discussion was amazing where we all hear how other people see each other and hearing how God shines throughout all of us. After three hours of tears and laughter we ended the night with games. God’s presence was so powerful through today: in the hills and mountains he created, the animals he placed on the earth, and preaching to one another how God’s light illuminates through them. Today was definitely a wonderful day.


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Posted by Larry McCutcheon

After growing up in Fort Payne, AL, Larry moved to Birmingham to attend Samford University in 2008. While at Samford, Larry served as Brookwood’s youth ministry intern from 2009-2012. He completed his undergrad in Classics at Samford University and then his M.Div at McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta. Larry is currently working towards his Ph.D. in New Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. Outside of his interests at church, Larry loves to fish and all things basketball. Larry’s wife, Mary Evelyn, teaches high school and they are always up for traveling somewhere new. Larry joined the BBC staff in July 2019.

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