Cape Town 2024: Day 9


Saturday, June 22
I started off my day by waking up. The sun was up and the weather felt great. I got ready and then, I woke up Gabby, then, I woke up gabby again two minutes later, then, I did that about five more times. Finally, I was ready (Gabby, not so much) so I left my room to get breakfast at around 8:30. I had no idea what we were doing that day other than that we were going to a safari. I was told that we were leaving at 9 or 9:30 but that was a complete lie and we pushed back the time. Why? I don’t know. But that made time to go watch some horses run across a field at 9:30.

Eventually, we got in the van to go drive to the safari place at around 10-11. It was a two hour drive with beautiful scenery. two hours later, we arrived at the resort/animal reserve place. We were immediately welcomed with sparkling grape juice and a gift shop to look in. Then, we got a lunch buffet and the food was amazing 10/10. After lunch we got our rooms and got settled. I then found a random cat and sat with it for ten minutes until we had to leave to go on the safari.

The safari was great and it was a very bumpy ride, but that’s okay. we saw tons of animals, mainly ostriches. I then learned that Gabby has a hatred towards ostriches and her only reason is that they’re dumb. But moving on, we saw giraffes, hippos, lions, elephants, zebras, etc. Later into the safari, the weather grew cold as the sun went down over the horizon. Our safari guide, Josh, stopped at this little place for refreshments such as tea, coffee, more sparkling grape juice, etc. we were all having a grand old time until suddenly baboons started ambushing, coming in from all sides. They targeted Owen, grabbing onto his shirt and brutally attacking. Thankfully he got out alive, but he is left with emotional trauma. (Owen is fine. this was over exaggerated for entertainment purposes. A baboon grabbed his shirt and that is it. the only emotional trauma he got was the devastation he had when Gabby never took a picture when he told her too.)

Moving on, we got back into the car and started driving back to the resort. After we got back, we immediately went to go get dinner at the same place we got lunch. The food they were serving wasn’t as good as what they were serving for lunch, but it was still good 7/10. After dinner, we debriefed and talked. Later, we roasted s’mores and Gabby and I tried to go to the spa to get a massage, but apparently it was too late and they were closed. Very sad, I know. But on happy terms, I re-found the cat from earlier. And then he accidentally ran into our room but after a few minutes I was able to get him out. I then decided to sit with the cat outside and look at the stars while he slept in my lap. Was it cold? Yes. Did I sit outside on the concrete for an hour and a half because there was a cat on my lap? Also yes. Was it worth it? definitely. Eventually, at around 10:30 I sadly had to get up and leave the cat so I could get ready for bed. (Don’t worry, I re-found him in the morning). I got ready for bed and then I started making friendship bracelets with Mckinnon. Eventually, I ended my night with falling asleep. The end.


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