Day 11: Cape Town 2023


Hi everyone!! My name is Stella Pate and I will be writing the blog for today.

Last night was a long one and so most everyone got little to no sleep, but we were determined to hike lions head. And let me just tell you the work it took to get up that mountain was absolutely worth it. Standing on the top of that mountain I became fully aware that God is truly in everything all at once. It was such a chilling and beautiful experience to be standing on top of that mountain above the clouds and be able to see God through His creations in nature. For me the one place where I have felt closest to God is in nature. So, I truly felt as if God was with us as we were standing on top of lions head. To just “be still” as The Head and The Heart puts it was the perfect phrase for what we did at the top. We were all able to just be still for a moment and be in complete awe of how big and mighty our God.

After the decent down the mountain we decided to go and get coffee. And of course we just had to go back to Truth coffee. And in my opinion it was just as good as the first time that we had it. So after we had food and the much needed cup of coffee we set off towards our destination for the rest of the day: The Safari.

Throughout this tip we have really only seen the city life in Africa and we have not been able to see the country side. Well, while driving to the safari we got to see the country side and for me I would have to say it is just as beautiful or if not more beautiful than the city. If you have ever driven through really any rural area and seen a cotton field or corn field it is very similar to that except instead of cotton and corn they have giant orchards/vineyards. It is just so beautiful in the country because you have these enormous mountains surrounding the vast fields of orchards and vineyards.

Once we arrived at the Aquila private game reserve (which is absolutely beautiful) we immediately went to lunch. It was delicious and exactly what we need for the rest of the day.

After we got settled in it was time for the safari!! We all sat crammed into a giant off-roading bus. We drove all across the land and saw: springbok, african buffalo, hippos (babies too), giraffes, zebras, rhinos (and baby ones too), elephants (that came less then 5 feet away from us!!), and finally the coolest of all (or at least in my opinion) the lions!!! The animals were so cool to see and especially in their natural habitat at that. It was an experience I will never forget. In all it was just amazing to see some of Gods great creations living in their God made and designed habitats!  

Once we drove back to the resort in the dark we finally got to have our all you can eat dinner buffet. And then after dinner we enjoyed one of my favorite childhood desserts: the s’more. While sitting around the fire eating s’mores, we got to enjoyed the beauty of the stars and the laughter from good company. And maybe it’s due to the fact that there is little light pollution out here or maybe God was just trying to shine an extra light on us, but both the moon and stars were shining extra bright tonight.

I think my biggest take away from today and something that I would like others to know is that when God feels far you can always find Him close by in His creations.


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