Day 8: Cape Town 2023


Hey blog!

Welcome back to the best blog post! Im kind of a bad story teller and my ADHD at 10pm isn’t the best so HAVE FUN READING THIS!!!

  • Woke up
  • Ate some quiche
  • Amock picked us up
  • Went to holiday club
  • Saw a car do donuts on the road
  • Sang the same song I've sang all week
  • Ate a Gatsby sandwich (basically a HUGE sandwich that has every food u can imagine in it…fries, chicken, lettuce…i can't remember the rest:))
  • I learned what a surname is….I thought a surname was a nickname
  • We had a photo shoot with the other team helpers
  • Said goodbye to the team helpers and cried
  • Then cried some more
  • And a little bit more
  • Headed back to the team house
  • John and Avril Thomas came for dinner
  • We had the BEST malva pudding
  • John and Avril Thomas told us their love story (they had their first date and got engaged an hour into the first date and have been married for 40 years)
  • Played games with Austin and Kelsey

Thank you for reading my ADHD blog.



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