Living Hope at Christmas: Day 8


Hello Brookwood family (and mom and dad and also sara and spencer)!! 

Today was our third day of holiday club, and we moved to the Overcome campus for today and tomorrow. We got to see a lot of new kids there, and we also had some original kids come from Capricorn to Overcome. The kids are always so joyful, and I think that’s one of the many things that we all have learned from these kids is finding joy not from our circumstances but from the Lord.

So first we have free time and get to spend time and pour into the kids. Then, we split into two groups where my group made paintings of what brought them joy and afterwards we had a bible study time where the kids learned the story of the birth of John and how it was a miracle for Elizabeth. One of the devotion questions was “what was some good news you have received this week?” and just hearing some of the kids answers not only kind of hurt my heart but also brought into perspective how much we need to find joy in the small things as well.

After the activities, we would give out lunches and the youngest group of kids would leave and the middle aged group of kids would come and we would do the same thing with them as before. After the first two groups of kids, we had a lunch break and got to eat some Gatsbys which is a South African delicacy (especially in Capetown) that is a sandwich of some sort of meat with french fries in it which honestly wasn’t bad! (I know my dad would definitely like a Gatsby but that would not last on the plane so I can’t bring you one back dad sorry).

After lunch we got to spend time with the teens. We played lots of games with them and got to know them and their personalities more because most of them we knew from the time we spent in Capricorn at their Holiday Club. They are such amazing kids and have such amazing faith despite the circumstances and the many people going against them and I pray that it continues as they become adults. After we finished holiday club we headed to dinner at Blue Water Café. I think the consensus on dinner was it was good but not really life changing or what people ordered… Anyways after dinner, we headed to Austin and Kelsey’s house for dessert and some games (aka mafia!!!!!! so nostalgic wish Austin narrating) and then we headed back home to Sacred Mountain! It was such an amazing day and I’m really sad it’s one of our last days—it’s been such a fulfilling trip but we love and miss you all!!! 

-Isabel Haynes

Posted by Larry McCutcheon

After growing up in Fort Payne, AL, Larry moved to Birmingham to attend Samford University in 2008. While at Samford, Larry served as Brookwood’s youth ministry intern from 2009-2012. He completed his undergrad in Classics at Samford University and then his M.Div at McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta. Larry is currently working towards his Ph.D. in New Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. Outside of his interests at church, Larry loves to fish and all things basketball. Larry’s wife, Mary Evelyn, teaches high school and they are always up for traveling somewhere new. Larry joined the BBC staff in July 2019.

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